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Our Values

  • We value integrity and results.
  • We value partnering with our clients to help them achieve the results they desire.
  • We value being a trusted advisor and providing high quality service to each and every client.
  • We value our partnerships in the community and the wellness industry.
  • We value data, innovation and planned experimentation.
  • We value our fiscal integrity.


Our Mission

Our mission is help our clients improve and maintain their overall physical well-being.  We design, support and deliver integrated, holistic and personalized plans, with emphasis on Recovery from injury, achieving Performance goals, and sustaining functional Longevity.  We make technology, tools and research understandable, accessible and available to our clients. In a market filled with hype, confusion and often contradictory claims, RPL provides its clients with trustworthy advice and support to advance healing, improve performance and extend functionality.


RPL’s Founder

Lee Dittmar

Founder and CEO

Lee Dittmar is a husband, father, skier, sailor, business leader, trusted adviser, management consultant, and entrepreneur with a gift for inspiring, challenging and motivating. He has a passion for helping people to solve tough problems, fostering innovation and life-long learning. His friends, colleagues and clients around the world view him as a mentor, coach and a source of knowledge, inspiration and energy.  Lee was often encouraged to more broadly share the lessons he had learned and applied to his life.  The motivation to move ahead with this endeavor came after Lee’s battle with stage 4 throat cancer during the first half of 2017.  Applying strategies and techniques honed over the years, Lee took on the cancer and the physical, mental and emotional turmoil that came with the treatment regime (Lee shares his cancer battle and lessons learned in his blog averydifferentjourney.blog).   Now on the other side of the battle, with the cancer in remission, Lee believes he has an obligation to share his story and the strategies he used to maintain inner strength, optimism and peace of mind, and to physically recover and achieve a high level of fitness.

Our Story

The Genesis of RPL

hard. After four decades of a fast-paced management and technology consulting career, traveling and working all over the world, Lee faced a challenge like none he had yet experienced.  On Valentine’s Day 2017, Lee was diagnosed with cancer.  He would soon learn that there were four tumors in his throat.  It was already Stage IV. After the shock of the diagnosis faded, Lee formulated a battle plan and set out to beat the cancer.  He didn’t allow himself to dwell on it, but it was a battle for his life.  He wonLee had been a competitive athlete in his youth and early adulthood.  And through his many years on the road, he did a pretty good job of prioritizing exercise and a healthy diet.  (Not so good on getting enough sleep though.)  In 2015, he retired as a partner in one the largest global consulting firms.  While he continued to work and travel extensively, Lee made health and fitness a higher priority and set aggressive personal goals.  Functional longevity became a passion.  Lee was interested not only in lifespan, but even more so in quality of life and sustaining physical fitness and mental acuity.  When the cancer hit, Lee was already on a personal journey to achieve and maintain a high level of fitness.  Ironic; but it turned out to be blessing.

One of the by-products of Lee’s experience winning the battle with cancer is a deep and sincere desire to help others to achieve their personal health and fitness goals.  As a veteran of a dozen orthopedic surgeries and two joint replacements (shoulder and knee), Lee also understands the challenge of recovering from injury and repairs.   He has learned much about maximizing the effectiveness of the human body’s ability to heal and recover.  But he is especially driven to help people blessed with long lives also achieve and sustain mobility, functionality, energy and mental acuity.  There is every reason for the last third of our lives to be more rewarding, more fun and more productive.

And so, soon after completing his radiation and chemotherapy treatments, and being confident in his own healing and recovery, Lee set a goal to establish and build an enterprise focused on Recovery, Performance, and Longevity.   He recognized that top athletes, high performers in other fields, and wealthy people had regular access to insights, technologies and tools that were not readily available or accessible to the general public.  He was also aware of the growing amount of misleading information, junk science and scams regarding health and fitness services and products.  It was easy to be confused and common to be skeptical.  As such, he knew that the enterprise he sought to build would necessarily be based on establishing and maintaining trustworthiness among its clients, employees and partner.  Lee was working hard to rebuild his strength and regain physical stamina on the heels of his intense, draining cancer treatment.  In the fall of 2017, Lee had his first clear scan.  The tumors were gone.  On the heels of that great news, Lee decided to take the steps necessary to make his vision come to life.  It took a lot of hard work, but 18 months later RPL was open for business.  

This was the foundation of RPL Personal Solutions.


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