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Compression therapy has a solid history and widely recognized benefits. Compression for medical treatment of lymphedema, management of circulatory disorders and prevention of deep vein thrombosis has been around a long time.  With that foundation, it wasn’t long before athletes began to rely on compression to reduce muscle soreness after sprinting, plyometrics or any intense workout.

 Regardless of our individual level of fitness, we know that there is a recovery period after a workout, when our muscles can get sore, stiff or fatigued. During recovery, the body is getting rid of lactic acid and rebuilding muscle fibers. The recovery process usually starts immediately, but it can take several days to fully recover, depending on the intensity of your workout.

 Dynamic Sequential Compression therapy enhances the body’s natural process of lymphatic drainage, accelerating the removal of waste product, reducing or limiting inflammation, and promoting a healthy blood flow. This speeds up recovery and rebuilding of muscle tissue. For some, it also promotes increased flexibility and improved range of motion. Compression therapy also helps when suffering from slight sprains and strains. 

 Relax in one of our motor operated recliners while your legs, arms or hips are treated to the therapeutic benefits of dynamic sequential compression.  While immediately after a workout may have optimal benefits, anytime is a good time to take advantage of this powerful but relaxing therapy.   Like many of our clients, you may find yourself drifting off and catching a few zzzz’s!

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